The International Research Network NECO organizes an on-line workshop entitled:

      Probing the Extragalactic Universe

      with High Energy and Very High Energy Sources

Dates: from 9 December to 11 December 2020 

Time: mornings in France / afternoons in Japan.

Attendance: limited to ~ 80 persons via free registration (no fees)

Programme as of 7 Dec 2020 (PDF file)


The topics are organized around three main domains:

  • AGN cycle and galaxy clusters : feedback from AGNs, UFO, extragalactic cosmic rays, galaxy clusters and related AGN physics, HITOMI/XRISM and Athena sciences
  • Multi-messenger astrophysics : GRB host galaxies, UHECR and nearby extragalactic populations, short and long GRB and associated gravitational events, constraining stellar populations in galaxies and the Hubble constant, revealing the black hole population with gravitational waves
  • Probing extragalactic lines of sight : Extragalactic background light, InterGalactic Magnetic Field, search for LIV signatures in signals from AGN and GRB, contraints deduced for cosmology and fundamental physics, CTA sciences



  • Katsuaki ASANO (asanok _at_
  • Didier BARRET (didier.barret _at_
  • Veronique BUAT (veronique.buat _at_
  • Denis BURGARELLA (denis.burgarella _at_, co-Chair)
  • Susumu INOUE (susumu.inoue _at_
  • Yoshiyuki INOUE (yinoue _at_
  • Aya KUBOTA (aya _at_
  • Emeric LEFLOC'H (emeric.lefloch _at_
  • Daniel MAZIN (mazin _at_
  • Delphine PORQUET (delphine.porquet _at_
  • Helene SOL (helene.sol from LUTH, France (Chair of SOC)
  • Tsutomu T. TAKEUCHI (takeuchi.tsutomu _at_, co-Chair)


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